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How to catch PHP errors


When you are developing an application some things can goes wrong in your code, for example, a non declared function or class, out of memory and so on. Even that you are using a test unit, some kind of erros only will occur in production enviroment. PHP has two function to manipulate error are: set_error_handler()

How to protect login or change password form in web applications


Developing web application often carry a lot of concepts and knowledge like the programming language, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, database, security and so on.   Security is important for any software, but actually is very hard to implement a perfect security system, so what we would need to do is create some level of difficult in which some attacker coul

What is Funky cache?


Funky cache is a technique to create static files on web server to improve request access speed and was described  in this presentation. How it works ? At first, the idea is create static files when the server get a 404 requests, identifing by requested URL. Your code will try to check if this URL should exists and execute necessary code to build this file. How fast it

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